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Our Practice Is Assembled Of Providers And Staff Who Have A Passion For Helping People Feel Enhance And Restore Their Natural Beauty.


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Devan Griner is a Utah native and returned home in 2016 after years of training and fine tuning his surgical skill. He is double board-certified in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery, and fellowship-trained in Pediatric Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery. A widely published author, he speaks at conferences both nationally and internationally instructing other surgeons.

As a Junior at Skyline High School, Dr. Griner had the opportunity to join an Operation Smile mission to Vietnam. This was a life altering experience for him and where he decided to become a Plastic Surgeon. He attended Brigham Young University, where he studied biology and published his first research on cleft palates. During his undergraduate and medical school years he worked as a surgical technician, working closely with some of the top plastic surgeons in Utah. Tutored by them, he learned the intricacies of suturing and gave him quite an advantage later on as he was able to fine-tune his skill, while his colleagues were learning the basics.


Dr. Griner graduated from the University of Utah School of Medicine and was honored to serve as class president. During his tenure there he founded an Operation Smile outreach program that helped local children with craniofacial disorders receive continued care plans that had been abandoned due to financial or other social issues.

After medical school, he completed a 5-year general surgery residency at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. As a board-certified General Surgeon, he secured a competitive 3-year Plastic Surgery residency at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, arguably one of the busiest plastic surgery programs in the country for both reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. Chasing his passion for pediatric reconstructive surgery, he pursued further training, and was chosen for the top Craniofacial fellowship with Dr. Fearon at Medical City Children’s in Dallas, Texas.

Returning to Utah, Dr Griner brought with him new techniques and unparalleled experience from all over the country in both pediatric and aesthetic surgery. He founded the Cleft and Craniofacial Institute of Utah and put together the most comprehensive Cleft and craniofacial team in Utah and is providing unparalleled comprehensive cleft care to hundreds of children throughout the state. He and his wife also started the Utah Smiles Foundation – a non-profit organization founded to help local children along their reconstructive journey.


The attention to detail Dr. Griner has as a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon is the foundation of his cosmetic and aesthetic practice. His precise results are stunning and unmatched. It is not uncommon for patients desiring cosmetic surgery to seek out pediatric-trained Plastic Surgeons, knowing this attention to detail they possess. Dr. Griner is no exception to this and he finds a lot of gratification in the artistry of Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr. Griner and his wife, a nurse, share the passion of helping children with deformities. Together they have been on over twenty medical missions to over 15 countries. Jointly they raise funds and donate their time and operative talent to help unfortunate children all over the world. When not in the Operating room or office, you can usually find Dr. Griner camping at one of Utah’s many national parks, fly-fishing, skiing, biking, or any other outdoor activity to balance out the many hours he spends dedicated to his practice.

As a well-published researcher, Dr. Griner believes in evidence-based methods. He refuses to involve himself in trendy and gimmicky treatments that don’t provide consistent and reliable results. He stands behind his work and only recommends the best treatment plans for his patients.


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Guilfoyle was born and raised just south of Boston, MA. He grew up a competitive athlete pursuing passions in hockey, soccer, and golf. He was a graduate of Thayer Academy and the University of Vermont where he volunteered at the local Ambulance squad. There he was first exposed to medicine.

He relocated to southern Maine where he became a graduate of the University of New England college of Osteopathic Medicine. Upon graduation he later matched at Lankenau Hospital in the Main line Of Philadelphia where he completed his training in general surgery.

Being the son of a breast cancer survivor, he found his passion in taking care of breast cancer patients and decided to pursue a career in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery. He then completed his plastic surgery training at Temple University and became board certified by the America Board of Plastic Surgery. He met his wife while at Temple where she was training to eventually become a Breast Oncology surgeon, and they were married in 2010.


Upon graduation he and his wife relocated and started a successful practice in Lehigh Valley, Pa for the last ten years.

After becoming a father for the first time in 2019, Dr. Guilfoyle and his wife decided to make a permanent transition to Utah where they can continue to pursue their dreams of taking care of their patients, as well as follow their personal passions of cycling, mountain biking, skiing and raise their children with their same passion for the beautiful outdoors that the Greater Salt Lake City areas offer.

Breast Implant Options
Breast Implant Options Candessa Medical Aesthetics

It’s important to us for you to feel educated about your decision to undergo a Breast Augmentation. Dr. Kjar feels strongly that his patients know what to expect, are happy with their decision, and procedure results. That is why he put together this video talking about the implants, what they are made of, and giving an up-close look inside a silicone implant.

If you have any questions about an augmentation procedure, contact our office and our patient coordinators can get you set up for a consult with Dr. Kjar.

The Mommy Makeover- Is It Right For You?
The Mommy Makeover- Is It Right For You? Candessa Medical Aesthetics

Being a mom is one of the most challenging, frustrating, yet rewarding experiences a woman can have. You put forth blood, sweat and tears, not to mention an untold strain on your whole body during pregnancy. It really boils down to the genetics of your skin and fascia as to how well you bounce back after the weight gain and abdominal stretching from your baby. Many women lament that despite dieting, exercising and lots and lots of willpower your body is never the same as it was before child bearing. Fortunately, for the masses of dissatisfied women, there are option in plastic surgery to boost your self-confidence and your body image. Here is a list of body corrections (Mommy Makeover) that can be performed in tandem or separately to improve the shape and how you feel about your physique.
During pregnancy, the glandular component of the breast must enlarge to ready for the enhanced production of milk. Additionally, weight gain with fat storage all governed by the hormonal changes can increase the breast size immensely. Unfortunately, fetal regulation also makes skin “stretchy” to accommodate the increased girth of the breast and abdomen. After the resumption of normal non-pregnant hormones and the lack of need for lactation, the breast volume will revert back to baseline and can even reduce in overall size compared to the original baseline. Unfortunately, many times the skin does not have the ability to shrink back to the original size and will stay expanded resulting in a larger skin brazier with same or even less fill than before resulting in “saggy” breast shape. With increased skin length from the breast fold to the nipple it moves the breast mound lower on the chest with less upper pole fullness. I hear many women call their breasts “sad” in appearance when they come in for a consultation. Okay, enough depressing thoughts… what can be done? If the skin is not excessively enlarged, the nipple-areolar complex, with or without increase skin length from the fold to the nipple-areolar complex, then a mastopexy (breast lift) is required. Often times tissue volume might need to be enhanced to provide better shape and upper pole fullness, thus an implant or fat grafting can be incorporated at the same time. Sometimes upper pole fullness can be accomplished by transposing extra breast tissue in the lower pole and positioning it on the chest wall deep to the rest of the breast to enhance fullness.
Hormones during pregnancy direct adaptive body changes that allow healthy growth of the baby, but unfortunately create lasting changes to a women’s body. The abdominal skin stretches and often can result in stretch marks (tears in the dermis with intact epidermis). Excess skin rarely retracts in these cases, leading to hanging skin that drapes over the pelvis. Next, the abdominal wall is distorted to accommodate the growing fetus resulting in separation of the paired rectus muscles leading to increased abdominal circumference with permanent bulges in the abdominal wall both above and below the umbilicus. This unfortunately cannot be reduced with abdominal exercise because the stretched fascia between the muscles is not contractile and will not respond to muscle strengthening. Additional weight changed with aging often can be manifested with increased abdominal girth from excess fatty tissue. So what can a Mommy Makeover achieve in the abdomen?
If the skin quality is excellent and the abdominal wall is only minimally distorted often liposuction with the addition of additional energy sources such as ultrasonic energy (VASER), oscillating power hand-piece (PAL), or hydraulic power can result in removal of excess fat and create skin retraction/redistribution to improve contour. However, many women will need a full abdominoplasty with correction of excess fat with liposuction, removal of excess lower abdominal skin with tissue resection, and abdominal wall restoration by returning the rectus muscles together with a permanent suturing technique. This can result in excellent contour of the abdomen, but you will trade the contour for a scar. I find most people are surprised how long the scar has to be to create the contouring necessary. Once acquainted with the results, most women will gladly trade a scar for the results of a flat smooth abdomen.
Back and Flanks
Some women can realize their goals by correcting the anterior abdomen by itself. However, many women if given the opportunity would love to three dimensionally correct their torso by sculpting their mid back (bra line folds) and flanks (muffin tops) at the same time as their abdomens to circumferentially adjust their shape. This can make a tremendous change on how clothing can be worn and how the individual feels about themselves. Liposuction makes a great deal of improvement by releasing all the ligamentous attachments between the back and flanks and the superficial skin (which results in rolls on the back) and allows even removal of fat and the skin to re-drape much smoother.
Some women naturally store adipose tissue in their lateral or medial thighs. Depending on the skin quality and the potential for the tissue to re-drape or tighten, fatty tissue can be sculpted just as on the back. Some have significant adipose tissue below the knee down to the ankle. I generally do not add the additional power source with liposuction in this area and have achieved good results.
Women who are unhappy with their physical appearance after giving birth to one or multiple children can restore the body to a better place with a Mommy Makeover. To me this represents more than one area of the body to be rejuvenated simultaneously to make the woman feel refreshed and erase some of the “battle scars” of pregnancy so she can feel more confident in her appearance.