Meet our Plastic Surgeons!
Meet our Plastic Surgeons! 150 150 Candessa Medical Aesthetics


Our Practice Is Assembled Of Providers And Staff Who Have A Passion For Helping People Feel Enhance And Restore Their Natural Beauty.


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Devan Griner is a Utah native and returned home in 2016 after years of training and fine tuning his surgical skill. He is double board-certified in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery, and fellowship-trained in Pediatric Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery. A widely published author, he speaks at conferences both nationally and internationally instructing other surgeons.

As a Junior at Skyline High School, Dr. Griner had the opportunity to join an Operation Smile mission to Vietnam. This was a life altering experience for him and where he decided to become a Plastic Surgeon. He attended Brigham Young University, where he studied biology and published his first research on cleft palates. During his undergraduate and medical school years he worked as a surgical technician, working closely with some of the top plastic surgeons in Utah. Tutored by them, he learned the intricacies of suturing and gave him quite an advantage later on as he was able to fine-tune his skill, while his colleagues were learning the basics.


Dr. Griner graduated from the University of Utah School of Medicine and was honored to serve as class president. During his tenure there he founded an Operation Smile outreach program that helped local children with craniofacial disorders receive continued care plans that had been abandoned due to financial or other social issues.

After medical school, he completed a 5-year general surgery residency at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. As a board-certified General Surgeon, he secured a competitive 3-year Plastic Surgery residency at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, arguably one of the busiest plastic surgery programs in the country for both reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. Chasing his passion for pediatric reconstructive surgery, he pursued further training, and was chosen for the top Craniofacial fellowship with Dr. Fearon at Medical City Children’s in Dallas, Texas.

Returning to Utah, Dr Griner brought with him new techniques and unparalleled experience from all over the country in both pediatric and aesthetic surgery. He founded the Cleft and Craniofacial Institute of Utah and put together the most comprehensive Cleft and craniofacial team in Utah and is providing unparalleled comprehensive cleft care to hundreds of children throughout the state. He and his wife also started the Utah Smiles Foundation – a non-profit organization founded to help local children along their reconstructive journey.


The attention to detail Dr. Griner has as a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon is the foundation of his cosmetic and aesthetic practice. His precise results are stunning and unmatched. It is not uncommon for patients desiring cosmetic surgery to seek out pediatric-trained Plastic Surgeons, knowing this attention to detail they possess. Dr. Griner is no exception to this and he finds a lot of gratification in the artistry of Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr. Griner and his wife, a nurse, share the passion of helping children with deformities. Together they have been on over twenty medical missions to over 15 countries. Jointly they raise funds and donate their time and operative talent to help unfortunate children all over the world. When not in the Operating room or office, you can usually find Dr. Griner camping at one of Utah’s many national parks, fly-fishing, skiing, biking, or any other outdoor activity to balance out the many hours he spends dedicated to his practice.

As a well-published researcher, Dr. Griner believes in evidence-based methods. He refuses to involve himself in trendy and gimmicky treatments that don’t provide consistent and reliable results. He stands behind his work and only recommends the best treatment plans for his patients.


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Guilfoyle was born and raised just south of Boston, MA. He grew up a competitive athlete pursuing passions in hockey, soccer, and golf. He was a graduate of Thayer Academy and the University of Vermont where he volunteered at the local Ambulance squad. There he was first exposed to medicine.

He relocated to southern Maine where he became a graduate of the University of New England college of Osteopathic Medicine. Upon graduation he later matched at Lankenau Hospital in the Main line Of Philadelphia where he completed his training in general surgery.

Being the son of a breast cancer survivor, he found his passion in taking care of breast cancer patients and decided to pursue a career in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery. He then completed his plastic surgery training at Temple University and became board certified by the America Board of Plastic Surgery. He met his wife while at Temple where she was training to eventually become a Breast Oncology surgeon, and they were married in 2010.


Upon graduation he and his wife relocated and started a successful practice in Lehigh Valley, Pa for the last ten years.

After becoming a father for the first time in 2019, Dr. Guilfoyle and his wife decided to make a permanent transition to Utah where they can continue to pursue their dreams of taking care of their patients, as well as follow their personal passions of cycling, mountain biking, skiing and raise their children with their same passion for the beautiful outdoors that the Greater Salt Lake City areas offer.

August Specials
August Specials 150 150 Candessa Medical Aesthetics
July Specials
July Specials 150 150 Candessa Medical Aesthetics
Cyber Monday Specials
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November Open House
November Open House 150 150 Candessa Medical Aesthetics
Office “Soft” Opening
Office “Soft” Opening 150 150 Candessa Medical Aesthetics

Hello! This is Dr. Kjar and Candessa Aesthetics. We have some exciting news to share! Our office will be opening again beginning Tuesday, May 5th. This will be a considered a “soft opening” as our state experiences this unprecedented trial period the next two weeks.

That being said, in order to keep our valued staff and beloved patients healthy, we will be operating under strict guidelines from the CDC and the Utah Health Department. If you have an upcoming appointment, please read the following guidelines carefully.

We will be operating at reduced hours for the next two weeks and reevaluating our hours each week thereafter. Those patients whose appointments were cancelled in April will have the opportunity to rebook first. We will progressively open the schedule back up if the state’s covid cases continue to plateau or decrease. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

As all employees and patients will be required to wear a mask at all times, we will temporarily be unable to perform appointments that a mask cannot be worn during. *WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A MASK* You will need to supply your own. We have a very limited amount available that may be purchased for a small fee. As an added precaution, an extra 15 minutes will be scheduled between each client to ensure enough time to properly sanitize each room.

All patient’s will be required to pass a health screening prior to being admitted into the office. We ask that you are the only person who attends your appointment. Any visitors will be asked to remain in the car until your appointment is completed. If you arrive early to your appointment, we will ask that you remain in your car, after your health screening, until your service provider is ready to see you. *NO WALK-IN’S WILL BE PERMITTED*. If you have product to pick up and do not have an appointment, please call us once you have arrived and we will send an employee to complete a curbside pickup.

We are still offering virtual consultations and recheck appointments. We do recommend that you meet virtually, when possible, to aid in social distancing measures.

Lakeview Hospital is gradually beginning to allow elective surgeries back in to the operating room, beginning May 4th. As of right now, we do not currently have access to the operating room, as there are other essential procedures that will take precedence. But we are hopeful that Dr. Kjar will be back in the OR before the end of May. All patients whose surgeries were cancelled due to covid will be the first priority to reschedule. We will update as more information becomes available.

We thank you all for your support, understanding, compliance and patience during this time. We know in the rush to return back to normal that there are still precautions that must be taken to keep our community healthy and safe. We have been overwhelmed by the kind and positive responses we have received from our patients as our office has worked to navigate our new “normal”. We hope you know how much we value all of you and we cannot wait to be back in the office to see you! Stay healthy, stay safe and we will see you soon!

For any questions prior to May 4th, please utilize our text line at (801)-335-6642 as we will not have someone in office to answer phones until then. Thank you!

Join Us For Our First Ever VIRTUAL Open House!
Join Us For Our First Ever VIRTUAL Open House! 710 679 Candessa Medical Aesthetics

With the unprecedented times our world is facing, we are getting creative with our approach to this year’s Spring Open House! Join us VIRTUALLY for a week long celebration that will offer all the same great specials and service you’ve come accustomed to at our Open House celebrations!

We have updated our website to include all of your favorite products and services that can now be purchased online! Starting April 20th and until 4 PM (MST) on April 24th, you can enjoy 30% OFF aesthetics services and 25% OFF products! Don’t know what products or services you may need or want? No problem! Our aestheticians will be available for FREE virtual consultations to help you find the best fit for you! (Consultations must be booked in advance.)

Want to take advantage of the same great savings on injectables we offer every Open House? We’ve got your back! All injectables must be purchased over the phone during April 20th-24th. Have questions on what injectable is right for you and your concerns? Enjoy a FREE consultation with either Dr. Kjar or our Nurse Injector, Kelli, where they can give you suggestions! (Consultations must be booked in advance.)

As we are not currently in the office, please text our text line at (801)-335-6642 to schedule your consultations with any of our service providers.

We appreciate all of the love, support, patience and understanding our office has received in these trying times. We can’t wait to get back in to the office and have a “makeup” Open House day to celebrate with all of you!

Stay safe, stay home and stay healthy. We will see you soon!

Temporary Office Closure
Temporary Office Closure 150 150 Candessa Medical Aesthetics

We are very sad to announce that in accordance with Governor Herbert’s latest announcement, our office will temporarily be closing due to Covid-19.

Beginning today, April 1st, our office will be closed indefinitely. We are hoping to be back in the office by May 1st.

But never fear! We have been hard at work coming up with solutions to keep us all connected and to provide our patients with the same great products and services you have come to know and love.

As of right now, Dr. Kjar will continue to take virtual consultation appointments, as well as virtual rechecks. He is available during his regular clinic hours, Tuesday and Wednesday’s from 9-4. If you are a post-op patient and need to get ahold of Dr. Kjar with questions, his direct line can be found on your post-op paperwork. Otherwise, as our office is currently closed, you may text us at 801-335-6642 to schedule your appointments with Dr. Kjar. 

Our aesthetician’s are also taking virtual appointments. During this time they are here for you with Beauty Boot Camps, quarantine style! Have skincare that you’re not sure if you’re using right? Need to upgrade and add enzymes or masks to your regimen while you can’t come in for peels? Want to finally learn some makeup tips and tricks that you haven’t had time to come in and learn? We’ve got your back! Schedule a 30 minute ($30) or 60 minute ($50) FaceTime session with one of our aesthetician’s (the cost of the consult can be put toward product or treatments that will be performed at a later date) In these calls, we can modify your regimen, suggest at-home products to tie you over until your next in-office treatment, or suggest treatments for the future! You pick the subject and we are available and ready to help share our knowledge on any beauty questions you may have! Text us at 801-335-6642 to book!

Lastly, our Spring Open House. Yes, it’s still on! But it will be a purely digital format as of right now. More information will be sent out soon!

We will have a patient coordinator still in the office on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9-12. If you need to speak to a live voice, feel free to call our regular office line at (801) 295-9105 during those hours.

We are going to miss our patients so much, but we know this is the best choice for our patient’s and employees. Soon enough, we will be back here and ready to serve our community once this calms down!

For any of you who have questions regarding your appointment, or questions for any of our staff, feel free to text us at 18013356642. We will keep you all updated as soon as more information becomes available.

Thank you so much for all of your understanding support during this difficult time. Stay home, stay safe and see you SOON! 💗

Rhonda Allison Spring Awakening Series: The Perfect Non-Invasive Springtime Facelift
Rhonda Allison Spring Awakening Series: The Perfect Non-Invasive Springtime Facelift 150 150 Candessa Medical Aesthetics

Weather is warming, flowers are beginning to bloom, and bright colors have started to immerge again. Yes, renewal and re-youth are in the air. And with the right combination, we can create a non-invasive “facelift” and bring some springtime rejuvenation to your skin in the treatment room. With the right blend of flower and other rejuvenating acids, bright, healthy, smooth, and firm skin may be achieved without the down time that comes with invasive treatments.

Revive and Blossom

While we may use these acids year-round, flower acids, like lotus and hibiscus, are favorites among our aesthetician’s this time of year. These non-irritating, yet powerful rejuvenators provide potent re-youth and brightening benefits, protect from free radicals, deliver hydration and antioxidant support.

Flower acids can be used in tandem with numerous other pro-youth formulas, to create custom results. The following are some flower-inspired corrective treatments and the results you may expect from them:

  • Hibiscus Flower Peel – aside from the potent pro-youth effects delivered by the combination of the Hibiscus Peel and Vitamin A+ Peptide Peel, what’s most remarkable about this treatment is the Flower Acid Peel. This healing paste is a complex of azelaic and mandelic acids, which work together to induce cellular turnover, deliver DNA protection, and brighten the skin.
  • Mandelic Renew Peel – it’s all about strengthening the skin with this treatment. The Maui Peel, Mandelic Arginine Peel, and Hibiscus Peel stimulate collagen production, hydrate, and reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. The Melanin Suppressant Solution brighten, while Sea Gems and Omega 6 EFA support the rebuild of healthy, strong cells.
  • Apple Flower Tighten and Lighten Peel – this treatment is all about results. The unique combination of rejuvenating flower and wine acids in our Apple Wine Peel, and the Vitamin A+ Peptide Peel works to brighten, tighten, and protect the skin from free-radical damage. The result is healthy, youthful skin. 

To enhance the results, some treatments may be used in combination with other advanced modalities like microdermabrasion. Typically enzymes and acids used prior to a microdermabrasion treatment will aid in loosening the cells of the stratum corneum to complete the lifting process, and more effectively smooth and polish the skin. Using them after will allow for lifting of cells that still adhere, prompting the enzyme or acid to work harder and enhance the rejuvenation.

Flower acids will help boost the effects of microdermabrasion while brightening, and gently retexturing and regenerating the skin. 

This season, get in the springtime mood by making renew and re-youth the focus of your skincare regimen! 

(Blog post was modified from a Rhondaallison.com article.)